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Company Profile

The Little Gourmet Pizza Shop opened its doors on the 1st of October 1998 on Sydney's Bondi Rd & remains under same ownership since its establishment. It continues to serve the Eastern Suburbs with quality pizzas & other products with exceptional customer service in the home delivery and take away market. It has seen many changes and tastes in the gourmet pizza market. Its aims are to provide great customer service with quality ingredients at an affordable price. It also caters to a wide variety of people with certain allergies by providing gluten, yeast and wheat free pizzas and vegan cheese for the lactose intolerant. It has a large, diverse, creative menu filled with gourmet pizzas, pastas, risottos, calzones, salads, sides & in house desserts such as sorbet, gelato & choc mousse. Its hard-earned reputation is built on passion for food and service, high quality products to create a unique flavour not available anywhere else but on its premises. All the ingredients on the menu are individually sourced by using HACCP accredited suppliers are of exceptional quality. In its twelve years of operation it has seen many people try to enter the pizza market with little success due to their inexperience & lack of research & knowledge in the food business. There are some things that "little gourmet" (as the customers call it) do differently which distinguish it from its competitors and has customers keep coming back for more. Its fast service & quick home delivery makes it become Bondi's favourite gourmet pizza.

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Deal 1

2 Large pizzas, Garlic Bread, 1.25 Lt Drink

Pick up $34.90 | Delivered $40.90

+$2.00 per pizza for seafood, lamb, prosciutto, vegan

Deal 2

2 Family pizzas, Garlic Bread, 1.25 Lt Drink

Pick up $45.90 | Delivered $51.90

+$3.00 per pizza for seafood, lamb, prosciutto, vegan

Deal 3

3 Large pizzas

Pick up $45.90 | Delivered $51.90

+$2.00 per pizza for seafood, lamb, prosciutto, vegan

Deal 4

3 Family pizzas

Pick up $59.90 | Delivered $65.90

+$3.00 per pizza for seafood, lamb, prosciutto, vegan

Deal 5

1 Large pizza, Garlic Bread, Can of drink

Pick up only $19.90

+$2.00 per pizza for seafood, lamb, prosciutto, vegan

Deal 6

Family Pizza, Garlic Bread, 1.25Lt Drink

Pick up $27.90 | Delivery Monday to Thursday Only 29.90

+$3.00 per pizza for seafood, lamb, prosciutto, vegan


" We cater for any function"

If you are having a party or a special event - let us help you us on 9300 9155 or email us at DELIVERY AREAS bondi (of course), bondi beach, bondi junction, north bondi, bronte, tamarrama, bellevue hill, dover heights, clovelly, rosebay, waverly, queens park + (some parts of woollahra & edgecliff where delivery fee may apply)

$23 minimum for delivery “ (tell operator for change of $50 or $100) 10% surcharge for public holidays “ (offset by higher award wages) $1 for debit / credit card orders “ (strictly $25 minimum order)

Delivery is within 30-45 mins. Please be patient and make allowances during peak periods & wet weather. Alternatively phone ahead & pick up your order within 15-20 mins. We look forward to hearing from you soon!! ``the little gourmet team``

* Garlic pizza instead add $3 extra

Menu pizzas only
No Half and Half pizzas on deal

Some light hearted humour from what we have remembered through the years

There are a few things that have happened to us over the years that we'd like to share with our customers. Like the time it was pouring rain and our infamous driver Jono delivered a $19.90 pizza to a customer on Francis St. After receiving a $50 bill the customer asked for $30 change and told Jono he could keep the 10c cos "it's raining outside, you deserve it tonight". There are other things that have happened to our drivers over the years but it's not the place to discuss things like this . (I'm sure you know what we mean). Our biggest tip???...came from a few Irish guys at Double Bay that were quite "intoxicated" with various illegal substances. They were apparently having a Star Trek DVD night and gave the driver the contents of a makeshift moneybox (almost a total of a $60 tip) There are many stories like this that happen every day. We could write a whole book about them. Perhaps some day. There are things that we love about you, and of course there are things that we don't like as well. Generally our customers have some common sense (thankfully) but in some cases common sense is absent - take a look below

We like it when you:

Tell your friends about us - word of mouth is our best advertisement

Know what you're ordering when you call us. The quicker your phone call the quicker you (and other customers) get your food.

Ring and tell us that you had the most amazing pizzas

Leave a light on for the driver, or better still give us instructions on how we can get to your place quicker (eg enter from lucius st)

Give the drivers a tip if they deserve it - our drivers thrive on your tips - good tippers usually get their order quicker - hint hint

We don't like it when you:

Don't tip the driver a single cent. They thrive on them, they're providing you a service - give them something - don't be a "stiff" as they say

Don't leave a light on for the drivers, a number on your property - simple things like that means you get your order sooner rather than later

Phone relay : You know the deal, it's when someone who doesn't live there is on the phone placing the order and has to keep asking the owner everything. Let the owner place the order damn it! It gets irritating when they have to go back and forth to ask the owner what they want on their pizza, want any garlic bread, drinks, what's the address, what's the phone number, cash or credit, etc. This also applies to small children. It's just takes too much time!

Can't decide on what they want when phoning in an order: Why bother wasting our time when we could be doing something productive like making the pizzas for another order? Please have your order ready before you call!

Confuse us with another pizza shop. They would tell us they want (meat, veggie, pepperoni,etc.) LOVERS, SUPREME, and SUPER SUPREME. Domino's call it (meat, veggie, pepperoni, etc.) FEAST, DELUXE, and EXTRAVEGANZZA. Sometimes we pretend to not know what you are talking about so you would realize your blunder.

Call up and want the nearest competitor's phone number: There was a couple of times that people want the phone number of Pizza Hut or Dominoes. Do we seem like a directory service??? We tell them to call directories for their number

Have your 3 month old or shy 6 year old hand us the money: It only takes five minutes to accomplish but hey it looks 'cute'. How about you wait until they are older? I hate it when I never see the adult come to the door and they make the kids do all the work for them.

Order from a business premise, and then can't be found because you're in a different part of the building: Another one is you're instructed to deliver to the side door and it turns out to be a building with 4 side doors. So you try one and find yourself wandering around this giant place and no one's in sight.


9300 9155

278 Bondi Road NSW 2026